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Two of my 4th Grade students arrive to our lessons giddy with excitement after playing "Flashlight Art," a game I taught them to use at home to exercise their eye muscles. Eye muscle coordination is key to reading success, avoiding fatigue and frustration. It is very common for many students, even for adults, to skip a line when reading, or read the same line twice, instead of accurately following the flow of words from one line of text to the next. This results in confusion and frustration because what you're reading doesn't make sense! It wastes brain power figuring out the mistake, wastes energy trying to backtrack and get back into the correct train of thought, and wastes time, all while taking the joy out of reading and learning. Fun eye exercises remedy this problem and make learning in all subjects that much easier and more enjoyable. We have been enjoying the process of building a "Story Pyramid" as well. I gave these two students a box of children's... read more

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