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Ok now I'm talking in general. Here's some advice: DON'T BE A NERD. The definition of a nerd: One who does nothing but studying, enjoys only studying, is isolated, and experiences weakness in social interaction. One of my students found out that I play video games and he was astonished. Because he used to think that I was a nerd and that was why I had so many good grades. I told him: "Look bro, I don't study day and night. I study when I have to." But that "when" is very essential to spot. You need to practice estimating how much time you need to assign for studying for an upcoming exam in order to ace it. Often you'll realize you have underestimated the time required. By practice, your ability to estimate will improve, and you'll also realize that overestimating is much better than underestimating. If you manage your time, you'll get to do everything. The problem that some people have is, they spend excessive time on a certain activity, or spend... read more

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