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Learning a new language can be fun and exciting. Unfortunately, many people don't understand or are not aware of the time it takes to master a language. Think of how long it took you to learn your native language. You can't expect to learn it in a few weeks. The best study tool is exposure. Expose yourself to the culture, customs, and traditions of the language you are learning. This will take the pressure off of staring at a book or a computer screen trying to memorize phrases. If you really want to learn the language immerse yourself in it. Find people who speak the language or find small chat groups at your local library. Learning a new language takes time, patience, and dedication. There will come times when you are frustrated and things don't make any sense to you. Just relax and come back to it when you have a clearer head. Learning phrases is fun, but take the time to learn grammar. You will be amazed how much easier you can communicate once you have learned some grammar. Go... read more

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