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There can be many reasons why a child is struggling with becoming a reader. The most important thing to know is that help is out there if you need it. Teaching reading is an art. I say this because if a child just flows through the process and starts reading, well no problem! However, the struggling child needs some expertise. I have come across teachers who just don't know what to do. Many will say, "well it may be just a developmental issue, and maybe they're just not ready yet." Meanwhile time is passing and self esteem is suffering. Starting off with strong skills early on is important because self esteem is so critical to growth. If a child is not wanting to read because it is difficult, it only sets a child up towards a downhill spiral situation. Research has much to say about students who struggle for a long time and how difficult it is to overcome in later years if this has been the situation. Some children catch on to sight words easily, while others grab on... read more

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