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I am excited today to share my experience of taking my first free online course with EdX. The course is an introduction to biology called "The Secret of Life" by Eric Lander. I have always been a fan of Eric Lander because his lectures are more about understanding biology than just knowing a bunch of facts. I am also very happy to see that many teachers and students are registered to this course and that NSTA (National Science Teacher Association) offers support and free resources for teachers. As a high school science teacher and private tutor I have always felt that the curriculum emphasizes breath instead of depth. I believe that free high quality education is going to have a huge impact for the generation to come. If you haven't taken a course with EdX you can still browse their catalogue here:

This is the time of the year where students need to get ready for the AP exam in May. I mean there is still time but a last minute review will never work. I listed below some strategies that will help you get organized. 1- Organize your time: Find a total of 1 hour a day to read your notes, science articles and textbook. You should have Cornell notes for each chapter and an index card for each Big Idea. Use Venn diagrams or mind maps to connect big ideas or compare/contrast. For example similarities and differences between mitosis and meiosis. 2- Know your roots. Knowing your roots like –cyto-, hydro-, lys-, just to name a few, may help you on your multiple-choice questions. 3- Invest in an AP bio test preparation book. Choose the latest edition (2012/2013). 4- Be scientifically informed. Read science news and current events. Check out my collection of science current events on for the latest science news ( I also recommend... read more

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