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Cate has taken me through many years of opening my body through yoga. Her intuitive nature has illuminated more spaces in me than I knew I possessed. A session with her is a trip into the unknown, but I always feel safe and guided and come out more aware of my body and my mind is more at peace. I had back surgery many years ago, but held a lot of tension in the scar tissue and fear that I would reawaken that pain, but Cate carefully guided me to opening that space and I have no more back pain. I have infinite trust in her abilities. DB I recently had a session with Cate which was extraordinary. She was able to combine different facets of her abilities to spontaneously give me the stimulus and support I needed to work through my presenting issue. She is strong of mind and body and heart. Her sincere care for her client shines through as her wisdom and experience combine for a truly holistic, uniquely focused and definitely powerful approach to healing. -Charlie E., Northampton,... read more

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