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First we must define what it means to be an inverse. If I define a function called "put on my sock" then the inverse would be "take off my sock." This is happening to the foot or the "input." We see that we have   f(x)=9x+7   This is telling...


If you want it in polar than George and Bill are both right. But just incase you need it in RECTANGULAR then:   Given: rSec(θ)=-5 we know that Cos(θ)=x/r since Sec(θ) =1/Cos(θ) then Sec(θ)=r/x  so plug rSec(θ)= r(r/x) that means that r2/x=-5  we know...


There are a few ways to think of the area of a triangle. I think of a rectangle. if the rectangle has height "a" and length "b" the we know that the area for that rectangle is given as "ab" or a times b. Now if we cut the triangle in half from one corner to another...


A Russian composer (1873-1943) Sergei Rachmaninoff was a pianist from the Late-Romantic Period just after the Romantic Period with Chopin, Liszt, Schubert..etc. He was well known for his difficult piano works which can be correlated to his extremely large hands. Some of his famous works include Prelude in C sharp minor, Piano Concerto 2 in C-minor, and Piano Concerto 3 in D-minor. Some say... read more