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Hey Guys! Did you know that our custom golf lessons include expert video swing analysis? During our session we shoot a very high quality video of your swing from many angles. Afterwords, Sean uploads the videos to the most advanced swing analysis on the market today. Sean reviews your swing and adds expert commentary as well as graphical visual analysis to your swing. Take a quick peek... read more

Custom Golf Swing Analysis

Here is a custom swing analysis performed for my good friend Arthur. This is just a sample of the incredible things that I can do for your game.


Hey guys! I'm back with a short description of Analysis of Variance. If you are struggling with this concept in your statistics course, hire me. I can help you earn an A. An analysis of variance is a set of procedures conducted to determine if two mean values are significantly different from each other. The procedure involves comparing the variance within groups to the variance between... read more


Hey guys this is my first blog. If there is sufficient demand I will continue to blog on various topics selected by you, the client. You run this blog. Ask me your questions. I would love to hear them. For my first blog I will discuss the central limit theorem and why this is such an important concept in inferential statistics. Listen up. This will improve your grades. The central limit... read more