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Test Preparation Study Skills for Any Grade Is your child having trouble preparing for and passing their STAAR or college entrance exams? As a mom of two young adults I started my exploration of test preparation just a few years ago. At this time the TAKS test was still in place for all grade levels in Texas. When Texas educators realized that this test was to be replaced by the STAAR test parents and educators knew straight up that the bar would be raised for the level of learning required in Texas schools. So far, I have seen the STAAR test examples and noticed that the formatting is similar. The portion of the test that seems to be causing room for concern is the writing portion. After working for the publishing company who writes these tests I have acquired the knowledge to teach general, but important, strategies to my students that will insure that they make the best possible score for any test. Several time-tested test strategies I teach all students are as follows: 1... read more

Reading in the Summer I am the mother of two grown children and a certified English teacher. From my personal experience I found that motivating my children to read for enjoyment with daily reading goals during the summer break was easy. Not only did I set the example by reading for my own enjoyment, I also filled out a form provided by the local library for recording summer book reading. As the facilitator of my children's book reading I not only filled out a summer reading log for my children, I also provided at home incentives for reading as many books as possible. For example, when my children reached their reading goal for the week they were allowed to go to the local Dairy Queen with Mom to get a delicious treat. We watched inexpensive matinee movies or movies on CD whenever possible. If we planned the movie watching, we would also find a book to go with the movie we would be watching. For example, we read books about bugs before watching "Bugs Life" by Disney.... read more

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