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When is it a good time to look for a tutor?  Some students wait until a big exam comes up, and do lots of cramming at the last minute.  While that strategy may work for some, others may need to take a different approach.    What if you need to take a mathematics or physics course and you know you will have difficulties?  Maybe the course is really advanced or it is not one of your best subjects.  The best approach would be to work with a tutor on a regular basis throughout the semester.  They can help you with any misunderstandings that may come up along the way, and help prevent you from falling behind in the course.  This also ensures that you get the individual attention that you may need.   

Final exams are coming up and you are freaking out!   There are steps that you can take in order to help you prepare for the upcoming exam. Don't panic.   Do not wait until the night before to start studying.  Start going over the material weeks before the final.   Previous exams - use the midterm and any other exams to help you study material from earlier in the semester.  Problems that you saw on these exams may also show up on the final.   Practice finals - many professors sometimes hand out practice problems or practice finals in order to help you study.  Go over these problems and make sure you know how to solve every problem. Take a break from your study routine occasionally.  Your brain will thank you!

Here are seven helpful tips for that upcoming test: 1. Try not to panic! Fear can cause you to forget information that you would normally know. 2. Cramming for a test does not work. Start preparing about a week before the test. 3. After the test is handed out, write down all the formulas, rules, and other information you want to remember on scrap paper. This will act as a reference sheet for you as you progress through the test. 4. Always remember to show all of your work on scrap paper just in case. 5. Do the problems that you know first and the harder problems last. This will also help you relax. This is also an efficient time management strategy. 6. Careless mistakes are common problems during tests in mathematics and science. Always review your work before submitting your test. 7. Get rid of any distractions! (shut off that cell phone) For more individualized assistance, contact me!

I am new to and now I want to tutor you! For about 10 years now, I have been teaching subjects such as mathematics, physics, test preparation, and astronomy in higher education. I have helped students of various backgrounds understand these subjects. I have also used multimedia and technology to help students visualize some of the complex ideas that can come up in these fields.

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