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Teaching has been something that I discovered that I loved to do relatively recently. I started teaching in college as a teaching assistant, but it wasn't until I started working as a MCAT instructor at Kaplan, Inc. that I really had an opportunity to put my own personality into my teaching. I had a tremendous amount of freedom in how I presented the material even though technically we were working from a script. I had to earn my students' respect, and show them that I was confident that the material I was teaching was what would help them achieve competitive test scores. Although it was only the second class I'd taught, my supervisor recommended that I work for a program sponsored by Kaplan, UK. I was sent to Beirut, Lebanon for a chance to travel, one of my other passions, and teach to students from another culture. I had a very positive experience, and professionally the class helped me better understand how to teach to a diverse audience. After coming back, I started working... read more

OK, I think we all know that Verbal Reasoning can be one of the biggest challenges for someone taking the MCAT exam to get into med school. This seems strange to a lot of people since verbal reasoning even among standardized tests is "standard". SAT, ACT, MCAT, you name it and it has a section that tests your language abilities. So why is the MCAT especially difficult? That's the fun part, see the MCAT not only tests can you spit back to the test maker what the author was talking about, and how he supports his argument (the explicit content), it also wants to know if you can read between the lines.*(Disclaimer: I know that's a pretty cliche statement but bear with me). It's easy to explain to a student what the explicit parts of verbal reasoning are and why they're important (Facts, opinions, heck the author's main idea, what did you just read, tell me about it). But you must also ask the student, what's the scope (the motivation). This is often overlooked because... read more

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