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First blog post, yay! Okay, so I found this technique for helping little ones with b vs. d confusion, and I call it "thumbs up." First, I ask them to "give me thumbs up" with both hands in front of them and palms facing in like they're "giving someone a hug." Their left hand should look like a lowercase b and their right hand should look like a lowercase d... Left hand is "named" b, right hand is "named" d. Both hands are friends, and, when they talk to each other, the "b" says the b sound and the "d" says the d sound. I have them pretend like the b and d are talking. Or, sometimes I'll have them "give me thumbs up!" and I'll say, "Okay, real quick, lift up the hand that says [b sound or d sound]." If they struggle, I'll help and lift up my thumb too until they get it on their own. Another fun thing to do is to have them "give me thumbs up," trace both hands on a piece of paper,... read more

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