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Hi Tutoring World! It has been a while since I posted due to my busy tutoring schedule! A few of my students have graduated this December so I am available for adding on a few extra hours here and there. After a year of being on the WyzAnt site, I have finally gotten my first review! Although I tutor for about 20 hours a week outside of WyzAnt, through a local college, I feel immense pride and accomplishment after achieving my first 5 star review. Thanks to all for a great 2012 Fall semester and looking forward to a sunny Spring... See you in May!

It has been a few weeks since classes have started up and tutoring is going strong! I am working with a student independently, outside of Wyzant, and it feels like coming home from a long vacation. Analytically going through syllabi again, making scheduling outlines, reading assignments, discussing interesting and diverse topics… ahhhh, college. I am still waiting to hear back from the college I tutor for as to how many students are needing tutoring this semester but hoping to get a good mix of first years and upperclassmen. Yesterday morning was the first “see my breath” morning we have had in New England so Fall must be right around the corner! I am looking forward to a BC vs. Virginia Tech football game this October with friends as well as some game watches with my Louisville Alumni group in Boston. If you are interested in tutoring with me please feel free to message me or if you are a tutor and just want to get together and chat about the luxurious life of tutoring feel free to... read more

Here we are folks, another summer almost at its’ close, but yet as higher education administrators we are not sad about this, well maybe a little, but more so happy and giddy like children on Christmas morning because…. Our students are coming back!!! Yes, folks, we are nearing the September 1 mass migration of college students back to the Boston area and I couldn’t be more excited. The beginning of the Fall is always a nostalgic time for people who love and work in higher ed. Not only are the steamy, hot days of summer behind us, but we finally get to see all of our planning, creation and brainstorming of new ideas and programs actually go into effect. Super cool feeling. We are also invigorated by our new first time students. We see first years bumbling around campus trying to appear that they aren’t lost, although we know that they are, we see parents driving away from the res halls leaving little Johnny or Sarah for the first time, and we see the smiles, excitement, and sometimes... read more

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