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We decided to take advantage of the holiday weekend and head to the beach at the Washington Coast. Our friend Emily has a small beach cottage, circa late 1970, and we took her up on the offer to stay there. To make things fun, we decided to dress to match the vacation house. We donned whatever 70s clothing we could find and headed off down the road together (5 friends and 2 dogs) in a van, a 1970s ride of choice! When we arrived at the beach cottage, dizzy from hours of listening to ABBA and the Jackson 5, our eyes beheld its gorgeous plaid mustard armchairs, orange TV trays, and wood paneled walls, among other delicious decor. We posed for photos, and Andy and Malia tied for the 'most authentic' costume award. Instagram, eat your heart out... Memorial Day weekend in Washington is not your typical patriotic flag-waving and backyard BBQ affair. But we bundled up and tried our best, while listening to a few classics like 'Born in the USA' and 'Proud to Be an American'. Alas,... read more

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