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A simple suggestion to all parents, no matter what age your child is, although the younger the better. The book is also important for parents, and all people, since reminders throughout life of what is really important can be used by all of us, including tutors. Rachel Carson was an important woman in science during a time when women were still struggling to achieve equality. I think women are still not a strong component in the sciences and there are many articles and people doing research on this very subject. I still remember my senior math classes that were predominantly young men. She wrote one last book, but it was not about conservation and the concern about our environment as in Silent Spring. This last statement by a wise person with a gift for words tells us all the simple truth about learning. It surrounds us every moment that we live simply by using our senses and looking at the gift of nature that is our world. It reminds us that the curiosity of a child should never... read more

My Philosophy Every experience in tutoring is a new one, each student is an individual and the course, unique. There are many components of tutoring including building a strong foundation, developing confidence, creating varied critical problem solving techniques and strong work ethics that go beyond the academics into the future. The final outcome is an independent, knowledgeable, hard-working, critical thinker. This is accomplished with the cooperation of all involved during tutoring. Ongoing communication is important and welcome. Constant assessment of the individual's needs and learning styles are reviewed, reflected on and revised. A student finishes with greater strength and resources when faced with a task, assignment, or an exam. This is done in a positive atmosphere combining hard work, pride and even excitement at the high levels that the student can attain. There is no better opportunity than to have such an intense environment in which to work. Interaction is a necessity... read more

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