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All of these tutors hit it on the nose: Our origin in language stems from simply a few sources and have exploded onto the world stage with only some major permutations. A lot of languages will 'share' words and phrases because of geographical promixity, but this isn't always the case. We wonder,...


So, what does happen in a typical session with Joshua? Easily said (er, written)! I can break that answer down into the following five steps: Goals 1. We meet and discuss your goals in the session(s). What do you ultimately want to achieve? If it’s a subject in school, is it the subject itself? Study skills? Better test-taking abilities? What about something outside of school (such... read more


Hi folks! With summer upon us (where did spring go?), the temperature is rising, and everyone's ready to hop back into the pool. But there may be some people out there who aren't QUITE ready to take the plunge. If there's anxiety, fear, or just not enough confidence to tackle the waves, consider me your Water Boy. That title's already taken? Ah, well, consider me your own personal guide to... read more