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It is never too early nor too late to start preparing for the ACT. A higher ACT score means more chance at scholarships and the possibility for a higher scholarship award! Many people go into the ACT unprepared. Many people aren't sure how to even get started. If your school doesn't offer ACT guidance, you can find all the information you need at and register for the next test date... Next ACT Test Date October 27, 2012 Registration Deadline: October 5, 2012 The other thing you need is someone who can help you prepare for the ACT. I have over 5 years experience in the ACT alone as well as over 10 years tutoring one on one. Math and Science ACT are my specialty, and if you need help, feel free to contact me. However you go about it, make sure you are prepared! It is not a test to be taken lightly. It's a test that "pays you" in the future!

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