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My History of Christianity professor at RTS taught at Cambridge University for four years. Here's a paper I submitted to him recently with the resulting grade of an A, as well as the comment 'well-written': The best music is rarely original. It is usually given to us from history by the best performers of the day. When one wishes to relax content with a good work of fiction, they are likewise... read more


Here is a paper I wrote this summer on Albert Camus: Albert Camus is the father of twentieth century Absurdism. His philosophy is to be distinguished from that of Nihilism and Existentialism. It is illustrated by his works of fiction and clarified in his essays. This position contributed significantly to the history of ideas. However, a Christian critique will prove it to be more dangerous... read more


Aristotle argued that we are willing to sacrifice many things, but never happiness. Therefore, happiness is the goal of life. [Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle] He defines happiness, not as a fleeting moment, but the whole of life lived well. How can you live well? He writes that we must use...