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Hello everyone! My name is Renae L. and I'm an experienced multi-subject tutor and current graduate student studying Humanities at Mount Saint Mary's College in Los Angeles, California. As a busy gal with packed schedule full of school, work, tutoring and a social life, I'm always looking for new ways to fit in some effective studying. So, what a great topic for my first blog post with WyzAnt! Here's two quick studying tips, utilizing those handy-dandy flash cards, for you to employ during the 2012-2013 school year (and hopefully beyond): Drilling with Flash Cards: Alright, I know this one is obvious. We've all used flash card drilling at least once during our academic careers, probably for studying vocabulary words. Well, let's look at the old trick a new way. I use flash cards to study history by writing names or dates on the front (the side without lines) with more details on the back. Then, I mix them all up, just like haphazardly shuffling a deck of cards. I like to spread... read more

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