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For all of you Java students - and those of you who just want to learn Java for fun: I have a student that Rocks!! My student is an awesome undergraduate - majoring in System Security - and has never programmed before. After just 3 weeks of tutoring - he is fixing his own bugs - answering his own questions - and building his self-esteem big time! This is what tutoring is all about. If you don't understand the subject matter - it's Smart to have a tutor on your side. So - Come On - all you Students that need to take Java for some reason or another - or students that just want to learn Java for the fun of it - get a Tutor on WyzAnt Today!! Don't be Shy - Learn to Fly!! ToeKneeNose (o;'

Note to the Future of our World: Learn as much Math as possible - everything consists-of or is composed-of Math. And, when you say "When will we ever use Math?" the actual answer turns out to be, "You use Math in everything, everywhere, all of the time!" Most students have had a rough time with Math - not because they are stupid but because their teacher didn't figure out how they learn best individually - everyone learns differently - even the students who seem smart figered out how to work-around the teachers and of course they never admit that they are also struggling and they don't share their work-around techniques with their classmates. You Can Do this Math Thing! Just Hang In there! ToeKneeNose (o;'

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