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Below is an outline for the Industrial Revolution I developed for one of my students. The idea was that it would give said student lots of good information from which a paper could be developed without writing it for them. Please feel free to use this for your own students. All the best, Matt B. Industrial Revolution Outline: Quick Facts – The Industrial Revolution (~1750 to ~1914) can actually be broken down into two separate Revolutions. 1) The First Industrial Revolution (~1750 to 1850) was led by Great Britain and based primarily on the development of the textile industry and the steam engine. 2) The Second Industrial Revolution (1850 to ~1914) was led by the United States and Germany. This was based primarily on steel, chemicals and later electricity. Each country had its own advantages and disadvantages going into the Industrial Revolution, but in general there were a number of global factors that made the Revolution possible to begin with. 1)... read more

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