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OK, here's a thought experiment. Go and cash out what ever is left over from your 401K, get online and buy the most expensive DSLR your can find. When FedEx dumps it off on your doorstep the next day, open it up, set it on "Auto" and start shooting. Notice any improvement in your photography? I bet not! I am convinced that what makes a truly "good" photographer is what goes on in their mind not how much is in their wallet. Given that, let's pry open some photographer's grey matter and see how this works... There's three distinct areas to a photographer's mind and when these three areas play well together they end up interweaving with and underscoring each other creating a memorable photograph that both makes a statement, tells a story and is interesting to view. The first is the Technical. This is the camera body and lens and how one uses them to make an exposure of the image. The second is the Aesthetic. This is both the "look and feel" of... read more

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