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This site is paid tutoring.  If you need help and cannot afford to privately hire a tutor, check with your school's administration - many colleges offer free tutoring by other students.  You can also try to find another person in the class to study with or ask your teacher for additional...


I personally will usually drop the first 15 or so minutes off the first session to allow for some 'meet and greet' time but I often travel 20-40 miles to meet students and I also do not have the finances or the schedule (as I am still a student, too!) to be able to drop a full session. 


Most people know about funny or entertaining videos on YouTube, but did you know that you can find some great educational content on YouTube, too?!? I've often used free videos on YouTube to help students understand content, especially when it comes to certain subjects in Biology that cannot be seen with the naked eye. There are animations available that help you SEE what a textbook and teachers... read more