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The end of the school year is coming very fast! We need to ensure that our children and students are readily prepared for the tests that are coming. Through extra vocabulary practice, increased reading times, as well as checking for reading comprehension is very important. It's also important to start thinking about next year. If this had some rough spots, that could be avoided next year. We need to work together! If you child was specifically having issues in one subject area, we could take the summer time and ensure that they are more comfortable and even advanced in that subject area. Contact me ASAP if you are interested in having your student tutored this summer!

I am very excited to join this site, in order to begin tutoring of various subjects to students of varying ages! I am looking forward to becoming a licensed elementary education teacher in December of 2012, and while I wait I enjoy tutoring and completing field experiences at different elementary schools. I have my own son who is only 10 months old, and also have a step-daughter who is 9. She has influenced my decision to become a teacher greatly. I have been lucky enough to be a part of her life for over five years now, so I have gone through the school journey with her. Being able to help her learn new things and help with unclear subjects has been very exciting for me. I look forward to continuing this through WyzAnt with new students!

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