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Most young people have spent nearly their entire lives in school. In high school and college, I remember itching to get out into the "real world." Days before I graduated, my college roommate asked me "Are you excited to become a 'real person'?" I reject this notion that being in school is not the "real world". I think it is critical to remember that pursuing an education is as valid an existence as holding a job, and that learning should be a life-long process. "Education, therefore, is a process of living, and not a preparation for future living." -John Dewey This is my favorite quote about education. It is part of John Dewey's manifesto on education, expressing his belief that a school is simply a place where a community teaches its children its values. He advocates for learning to be tied not only to subjects like math, English, etc. but also to the social processes of the world, to foster a better understanding of how people work... read more

WyzAnt's poll question this week was "What is the most important question for a parent to ask a tutor before hiring" My answer was that a parent should ask about what strategies the tutor will teach the student so that he or she can become a better independent studier. Why? Study strategies are important. No one wants to spend all day studying, and smart studying lowers stress and cuts the time a student needs to spend on a subject. Learning how to learn is a life skill. I encourage my students to: - Make connections between the subject they are studying and other things in their life, current events, and other subjects - Take breaks to avoid getting worn out - Concentrate and ask questions in class - Read out-loud - For rote learning, like math and verb conjugation, practice is key! Do a whole page of problems until you feel solid in your handling of the material. These are only a few of the strategies I encourage my students to use. Making... read more

Thanks to a friend of mine for showing me how to edit pictures and create JPEGs in PowerPoint and iPhoto. What a simple way to combine the editing features of these programs! Especially useful for those of us who don't have Photoshop. It's easy: 1) You take an uploaded picture and insert it into PowerPoint. 2) After adding thought bubbles, shapes, or whatever you can think of, you can save the single slide as a JPEG. Make sure you click on "Options" and specify that the picture be saved in 300 dpi. 3) Then, drag it into iPhoto, crop the white borders off, and change some picture effects. 4) Click "done" in iPhoto and it will automatically save. Now I have a new photo on my profile! I hope that it will make everyone who looks at it more familiar with my personality and teaching style. The speech bubble says in French: "Fromage, baguette, délicieux!" which means, "Cheese, bread, delicious!" in English. Enjoy the sunny...

I just finished creating my profile on WyzAnt; I'm so excited to meet students and to start teaching French!

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