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Just a few notes about preposition phrases, which can create confusion among students of ESL: The way I like to approach prepositions is as follows: 1. Remember the basic structure of a preposition phrase. preposition + noun object in the house over my head with a pencil for ten years around six inches Every preposition MUST have a noun object. 2. Remember that a preposition phrase might contain adjective modifiers: in the old, drafty house under the rusted roof before the next movie despite the good news with a sly wink 3. Remember that if there are adjective modifiers, they can also be modified by adverbs in a dangerously crowded room near the colorfully painted barn beside a completely empty box with a carefully drawn signature by a surprisingly funny joke 4. Remember that if there IS a subject and verb after a preposition, it ISN'T a preposition-- it is a dependent clause marker! Different... read more

Hello everyone! My name is John, and I'd like to welcome you to my brand new blog here at WyzAnt. From time to time, I will posting some helpful advice on how to improve your English proficiency, pass those scary tests, and become a well-rounded writer and speaker of the English language. Some posts will be directed towards those who are working on ESL, and some will be directed toward native speakers who wish to improve their overall skills. On an irregular basis, I will share some insights and observations I have made during my many years of teaching. I hope you'll tune in from time to time.

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