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As I watch my grandson and his friends count down the days to the end of their semester (May 5th), I note a correlation in an increase in non-specific physical ailments. I ask if these stomach upsets, minor headaches, and pains in various body parts could be stress-related. Both my grandson and his friends assure me they are truly sick; stress has nothing to do with these "illnesses." I take a deep breath, hold my tongue, and then I back down. While I'm not in a position to offer a great deal of guidance to my grandson's friends, I take a more direct approach with him. Has he noted all assignment due dates and test dates in his day-timer? Has he allocated sufficient time for assignment completion and studying? From his review of each professor's syllabus, does he understand the format of each final exam, and has he familiarized himself with the specific test-taking technique for each? Has he identified concepts and materials that are still unclear to him and, if there... read more

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