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Proofreading, editing, and even writing could all easily be tutored online. I accomplished this with my daughter all through her university years at Colgate University in upstate NY. I am here in Dallas, TX. With Microsoft Track Changes, the proofreading and editing are easily kept separate so the client can decide which changes they would like to accept or not. This would save the client a lot of time in travel and simply the time spent together with the tutor when then the tutor can simply read the work through and send it on without any interruptions. The client can always contact the tutor if there is any editing critique they would like to question or discuss.

While trying to learn Swahili myself, I learned from a Pimsleur Method to pronounce one syllable, then two syllables, then three, then four, etc. until the word is complete. It really helps and makes the pronunciation process so much easier. I am using it with my Japanese client whenever she cannot pronounce a word, and she can then say it perfectly. It is such a simple concept.

Believe in yourself no matter who, and I mean anyone, might tell you you are not going to amount to anything.

I would be happy to post help information for students as long as you credit me with the information. Susan M.

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