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Is the heat wave bothering you?  Stay cool and practice your foreign language skills by keeping a diary.  Sound intimidating?  All you have to do is write 2-3 sentences a day.  Your teacher or tutor would probably be more than happy to make (grade-free) corrections.  Look over your teacher's/tutor's notes before writing about your next day.  As you notice how repetitive your diary may become, you may want to add more detail in order to tell one breakfast, dinner or nap from another.  In no time your writing skills will improve dramatically. Your vocabulary will expand, your grammar will become more automatic, your syntax (word order) will sound more like your target language - not to mention the fact that your sentences become more complex and your writing more confident and interesting.  And you can do it all in front of your computer!

Stay organized by using tools that are available for free, like the online calendar. You are less likely to miss classes and as a student you can prepare better for the lesson. Also, if you see that your tutor has prepared a lesson with a certain content but you would rather go over something more relevant or urgent to your current needs, then you can contact your tutor to revise the lesson plan. Both you and your tutor will be happier and your lesson will always be what you expect it to be. If you have an emergency, the calendar e-mail will remind you to cancel your lesson so you won't incur any cancellation fees. Make technology work for you.

As the end of the school year approaches, make sure you let your tutor know your specific school assignments and private tutoring needs so you can be tutored in exactly what you need to finish your academic year successfully. What do you need help with? Vocabulary? Grammar? Syntax? A cultural review? Pronunciation? Know your needs and your tutor can help you more effectively. There are only a few days left. Make the most of them. Get extra tutoring time if necessary.

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