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I find that students have so much difficulty trying to learn the rules in English, especially the English as a Second Language students, that I have begun using more natural methods with great success. They can learn the language rules once they have conquered the basics.   For example, one of the things I have a student do is to write something for me every day in journal format. When we meet for tutoring, I read their writing back to them and ask them if certain things sound right, giving them a choice of two things and saying to them, "Now which one of these sounds right, this one or that one?" They generally get it immediately and so we proceed and week by week their writing and speaking gets better. It takes off a lot of stress trying to memorize grammatical rules when they can just hear and read the language and see which sounds right.  

When I started tutoring, I was likely doing it for the same reason a lot of other tutors work at helping students. I needed to earn income. But as I began to tutor, suddenly it was no longer about the money, but rather the honest joy of helping my variety of students - adults and special needs children. I watched the way they would change from lacking confidence and believing they could not learn to becoming comfortable with their subjects and feeling good about themselves. I think I learned a lot along the way myself because I began to understand what the inability to read and understand what you have read, or the inability to get work done that you feel good about creates a lot of insecurity. Math was one of my weaker subjects, not bad, but not great either. For some reason, I decided that I could teach elementary math. Once I started tutoring in math, I discovered that by focusing on the needs of the student with the math instead of worrying about my own insecurities, I actually... read more

I try to tie the lessons to their recreational activities. For example, if a student loves to swim and we are doing reading lessons, we might try to look up famous swimmers in history. If my student loves horses, I find stories about horses that the student will enjoy. I always believe that if we start with something the student loves, the student will grasp reading more readily. Similarly, we can find ways to tie their likes in with other subjects - even subjects like math or science. There is always some aspect of the things they love best that can be found in every subject.

I saw the most amazing YouTube type video last night about a man from another country who was born without arms or legs. He gives motivational talks, and what impressed me about what he said was how we can do whatever we really want to do as long as we don't give up. This man was seen swimming (and I should make that all caps) in deep water, and doing all kinds of things we think only people with all their limbs and faculties can do. What an amazing and inspirational lesson in life this man provided. I remember as a young girl, hearing my mom tell me when I would tell her there was something I couldn't do, "There is no such word in the English dictionary as 'can't!'" How that lesson stuck in my mind all these years and helped me to accomplish things I certainly didn't believe I could do, let alone what anyone else might have thought. Here I am at 70 years old, with a very full list of accomplishments and still going. Perhaps what helped me was remembering that lesson,... read more

I will be the first to admit I wasn't always a great student when I was in school. In regular school, my own folks couldn't help me with my homework as neither parent had finished high school. They tried, but it was too much for them. So I really struggled through grade school and then high school. In college I struggled once again. I was smart, but I just couldn't understand some subjects the way they were taught, which honestly seemed all backwards to me. Science was a particularly difficult subject at the time. Try as hard as I might, I just could not seem to make sense of anything I was learning. Then everything changed when a relative suggested I get a tutor. I looked around and found a great tutor. What a difference he made in my life. Suddenly, the things he did to help me made me realize that it wasn't me that had a problem; it was the way the subject was being taught in school. He helped me to create a context for what I had to learn, and gave me a logical order for everything... read more

How many of you make a decision of whether to be tutored or not based on finances? I am quite certain that is an issue for many of us today. First of all, don't give up if the tutor's rate is more than you have in your budget. If you want a particular tutor, write to WyzAnt and the tutor to see if a different rate can be negotiated. Secondly, keep in mind that many of the tutors are going to give you more than you are paying for. It might be that "staying ten or fifteen extra minutes" so that you can finish a particular task, or perhaps giving you extra assistance via the phone or Internet for which you may not be charged. Most of the tutors are totally dedicated and committed to making sure you or your children will succeed, so they will put in that extra mile for you. Secondly, this is your life, or that of your children you are investing in. It is not a simple expense. It is an investment in the future and in your future success and satisfaction on life that you... read more

Often people think of a tutor as someone who will help you with a single subject. But many of us can help you with many aspects of your career development. If you are unsure of your career direction or struggling with your chosen direction, you might consider having your tutor help you to re-examine your goals and to take a look at some new possibilities for you. You might want to select a goal that uses your best skills and knowledge which you already have, as well as filling those areas that are of most interest to you. Careers should not be chosen solely on the basis of how much money you can make. Often people who select goals on that basis make the wrong choices. Chose those things you love, and it is true that the money will follow. The more passionate you are about your goals, the more likely you will succeed, and without having to struggle to get there. The people who are the most successful in life have an absolute passion for what they are doing. Consider having your... read more

In today's world where everything is about our accomplishments, and time is of the essence, it really helps to get a tutor. I don't think I would be where I was today if I had not had the benefit of a tutor in some of my college subjects. A good tutor can help you to have more confidence and success as you move forward with your goals and dreams. Working with a good tutor can make a world of difference for you. Why not give it a try today?

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