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It's the fall season, which means students are back in school! Don't let the rush of new classes and uniting with friends stop you from preparing for upcoming college entrance exams. Seniors, this is your last chance to improve your scores if you want to start college next fall, and, Juniors, get a jump start on some awesome scores with test prep tutoring and at-home practice tests.     Helpful Hint: Set aside 10 - 15 minutes a day for SAT and ACT words and definition quizzes -- it will pay off in a big way!

Well, it is the time of year when the frenzy and buzz of talk about classrooms, teachers, textbooks, pencils, folders, and schedules begin. Some of you might be thinking past this year and onto high school or even college, or perhaps you have already signed your child up for the SSAT, HSPT, SAT or ACT test. Now is definitely a good time to start preparing for those tests. In general, students need a lot of practice before taking any of the official tests. The SSAT and SAT tests students on concepts that they might not have learned yet, such as Geometry, or vocabulary words that are beyond the scope of their classes and reading assignments in school. These tests are difficult because students also need to learn some test strategies and approaches to do well on the exams. My advice: prepare early! I have seen students improve greatly over 4 - 6 weeks with steady and consistent practice. By increasing vocabulary, critical reading and quick calculation skills, students will often double... read more

Recently after teaching students ACT skills and techniques in reading and English, I find myself reflecting on how much students improved their scores by following some simple guidelines. Many of my students, both native and non-native speakers, really struggled with the reading section on their practice ACT tests. By exposing them to the types of questions, the structure of the test, and the ways to approach the test questions, my students increased their scores between 2 - 10 points, decreased their anxiety levels, and now feel fully prepared to take the ACT. Once students begin to understand the formula of the exam and the ways to approach questions, their confidence in their abilities increases and their test scores follow! The best thing any student can do to increase their scores is to prepare for the exam and know what to expect. Just like any other exam, students that prepare will improve their scores and their chances of being accepted into the colleges they choose!

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