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What I do is set up a public meeting place with you, typically a library or a Barnes and Noble, or community college. We will usually choose a meeting place that is in or near your neighborhood. I will drive to meet with you where you are. At the first meeting we usually spend a short time evaluating your skill level in the subject we are tutoring, so that I can prepare lesson plans tailored to your personal level of knowledge. I usually try to bring practice worksheets for you to work on, if applicable to your subject of study, plus other study aids as needed, which you can use to supplement to your own study materials. Usually I print hard copies of these study materials so you can take them home with you. Looking forward to meeting you! Here's to you academic success! Michael

Hi everyone, I have been tutoring graduate students for a few years now, but love to work with people of all ages. My favorite thing is helping you succeed in life, no matter your age or interests. I've been offering College Study Skills Seminars to peers at my medical college for the past 2 years, and these seminars have been wildly popular. So many people report that they get results fast, because the skills I teach them are easy to learn and power-packed. Let me guess...You want study skills you can use TODAY, not next month, and skills that are easy to learn and apply. Let me show you how. Helping you succeed is what I love doing.

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