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Lakiesha, here are 3 answers.     The first answer, assuming that there is no more information in this problem, is that there are an infinite number of solutions.  Let's say x = 1:  6(1) +y = -5, so y = -11.  But if you say that x = 2, then 6(2) + y = -11,...


Well, she has 7 days for the trip, but according to the description, she spends 3 days there, which leaves 4 days total for travel.  That's 2 days to get there, and 2 days to return.  Each way is 925 miles.  So you divide the miles (925) by the number of days she has to drive (2)...


The X-intercept is where the line you draw crosses the X-axis (the horizontal line).  The Y-intercept is where the line you draw crosses the Y-axis (the vertical line).  Remember, the center point of the grid is "0".  On the X axis, numbers to the right of the zero are positive,...


This post is about television...the boob-tube....the object of the couch potato....the nemesis of many students.  We all know that television (including netflix, hulu +, roku, and even DVDs) can be real time-wasters.   When we need a brain-break, or just need to chill out, the TV can be so attractive!  Yeah, I know what I'm talking about because I've been there too.   Here's... read more