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When you have a power to a power, you multiply the exponents.  For example, (x^a)^b = x^(a*b).   So in your problem, you would get: (6^(7x))^(5x) = 6^(7x*5x) = 6^(35x^2)   Since the function f(x) is just referring to the exponent on the 6, your answer would...


Hey Maria, The reason there are actually two different possible answers is that you are given 2 sides of the triangle, but the angle you're given isn't between those sides.  This is exactly why you can't prove triangle congruence by using Angle, Side, Side (also, the acronym is naughty,...


When I was taking calculus in high school, I had a terrible time memorizing the quotient rule. The product rule was easy, because the plus sign in the middle of uv'+vu' meant that order didn't matter. As long as one term contained a factor from the original problem and the derivative of the other, and in the other term you switched which factor had the derivative taken of it, you would get... read more