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I recently finished up a teaching gig at a local summer camp, working with children ages 2 1/2 through 13 years old teaching them rhythm, music and movement. Boy, did we have fun! We played so many cool rhythm games that helped the campers improve their listening skills, both musically and otherwise. One of my favorite games is called "A Stitch in Time," a game in Kalani's book "The Amazing Jamnasium" (Alfred Publishing Co.). The book includes several patterns that you can cut out and use over and over--or you can go online and Google 'patterns' to get some really cool and creative ones of your own! I tend to use the ones from the book to explain the game to the group, and then I divide the students into groups and give each group a pattern I found on my own, for them to use their imaginations. Here's how it works: you hold up one of the patterns and ask the group what it is--use words to elicit from them the response "pattern" such as: 'repeating,' 'shapes,'... read more

Greetings, new readers! This is my first blog post, and considering I'm new to WyzAnt, I have chosen to post about my prior experiences teaching music to little ones. I teach a rhythm curriculum called Rhythm Kids (, which was developed in the Boston, MA area and has really grown and expanded in the last few years. I also have received training in teaching world rhythms/instruments and facilitation group drumming to all types of communities. Being that the majority of children I work with are ages 3-9 years old, I really have to get creative about teaching music and rhythm in a fun, engaging, age-appropriate and relevant way - preferably minus the use of standard Western music notation, because not everyone has an opportunity to learn that in school. I have found some pretty cool (and easily implementable) tools through a music therapist, percussionist, and world-famous community music facilitator named Kalani. His methods usually do not rely on standard... read more

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