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Celebrating the little things. Today was a great day! One of my students read a list of words that she could not have read four months ago. She also read to her small group and used word attack skills to sound out almost all of the words. This may sound small, but to see her improvement, just made my day. She was reversing several letters when we began working together. The other kids would just give her the words when she read, because she was so slow. To me, seeing her succeed is what teaching is all about! I guess I want to encourage you to look for the small gains. They do add up. When raising children with special needs, the pace can seem very slow. As long as you are going forward, trust that it will pay off. There have been many days raising my son with ADHD that I thought he would never read. He now reads on grade level. It is hard to explain how it feels when you can't make progress happen as quickly as we'd like. It's even harder when we feel so much pressure from... read more

Celebrating our gifts can be a good way to put things in perspective. Sometimes I ask myself if my life would be different if I didn't have ADHD. Well, yes, it probably would look very different! Would I want that though? Not really. What I hope to do in this blog, is to share why having a learning difference, special need, ADHD, LD, or anything that makes us different can be celebrated. Since most of us reading this are raising children with learning differences, I hope to help you celebrate that as well. Sometimes humor helps, sometimes just knowing you are not alone in this helps. I have ADHD and I decided to make a difference in peoples lives so they would not feel bad about who they are. I grew up feeling like I had to prove my worth daily. I was the last to finish most of my assignments, or worse turned them in late. I would try to focus on my HW, but drift off into a more interesting world inside of my head. I managed to do well in school through sheer persistence. I love helping... read more

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