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Three Tips for Better Problem Solving Tip 1: Problem-A-Day, aka PAD. What. Everyday work one problem to completion. Not just every weekday, or school day. EVERYDAY. This includes your Saturdays and Sundays. Summers too. It's ok to choose a problem that you find rather easy. Just make sure you aren't doing the same type of problem each day. Mix it up a lot. The more variety the better. When. Preferably just after waking up or just before going to sleep. This will help you make PAD part of your daily routine. Attaching it to your sleep schedule (you do sleep daily right?) is a way to adopt the habit quickly. Not a morning person? Do it just before you head to bed. I've done some of my best work just before falling asleep. How. If possible, keep a digital record of your completed problems. After scanning, taking a photo of the paper, or writing the solution on your computer, save the files in a separate folder on your desktop. Make sure it's noticeable, that way you are... read more

The Internet has certainly made it easier than ever for students and tutors to find each other, as WyzAnt's service demonstrates. We as tutors should also be aware of the many other tools available online to help us reach out to students. Skype is a tool for communicating in real time via the Internet, including videoconferencing, making it an extremely powerful means of connecting with students before meeting in person. It's also an excellent method to speak with parents who would like to get more information prior to making arrangements for tutoring their child. I've recently been turned on to the use of Skype and, a web application which allows both tutor and student to share use of a virtual whiteboard. (See links below.) This combination makes possible an entirely online tutoring session, which in many ways improves on live, in-person tutoring. First, by eliminating the inconvenience of travel, we immediately see the benefit of one-on-one tutoring that... read more

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