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One of my tutoring student's parent advised they will be testing their child to see whether or not there is some type of learning disability. This made me wonder why, I mean, whenever we met she seemed to be doing great! So I inquired a little further. To no surprise I was told that their child had a notoriously known "bad" teacher. But what is a "bad" teacher? If there are several parents complaining that their child isn't learning anything - there's a problem, I your child is suddenly dropping those A's for C's, there's a problem...Parents be on the look out for these teachers! The rumor mill may actually be true, you might have found yourself with a teacher who isn't interested in making sure each and every child is understanding his/her methods of teaching. Every child is different and learn through different methods. Some teachers just don't feel they have the time to engage each one of them. If your child is suffering in a certain subject or throughout... read more

In studying with tutoring students I have found that writing down what needs to be studied on index cards is a great tactic for memorization for those who are experiencing difficulty in memorizing events or vocabulary. This can also be applied for any subject matter. The process of writing down the facts of an event, definition of a vocabulary word, a formula, etc. is what helps memorize the material. Afterwards, you use them as flashcards to go through all the material you need to study and can better measure how much you have actually learned/memorized. I often use this tactic myself in my law courses in which I have to memorize hundreds of Supreme Court cases and their facts. This has proven to be the best way for learning the subject matter for me and has helped me personally succeed in my education.

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