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Deciding to learn Spanish is one of the best decisions you can make if you want to travel and see the world. More than 400 million people around the globe speak Spanish. After Chinese, English and Spanish are tied as the two most frequently spoken languages worldwide. Spanish is now the third most-used language on the Internet. In Europe, Spanish is the most popular foreign language after English... read more

Enrique y Maria

Short Story 1. This is the first in a series of short Spanish stories. The stories get progressively more difficult.

Free Spanish vocabulary lesson

This is a video that shows you my method of teaching vocabulary. You will learn quite a few words and phrases from this video, which I created. I will create videos to meet your individual needs. In my class, it's all about you.


Don't get to bogged down with grammar or you will quickly learn to dislike the language. Remember to read a poem, listen to the words of a song, of watch your favorite telenovella. Of course you need to learn grammar rules, but make them a minimal part of your lesson plan. Make the majority listening, repeating, and feeling a part of the language and culture. I like to keep grammar at about a... read more

The Voiceless th

Advanced learners of English have a particular difficulty with pronunciation. This is why I have created animated videos covering phonetics. All my videos are free and serve as a great review for students. There are two th sounds in the English language...