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I recently began reading James Lowen's, Lies My Teacher Told Me, and I must say I haven't been this engaged in a book in awhile. It forces us to reexamine how we teach American history to our students. Lowen points out various inconsistencies in a series of American history textbooks that are centered around what is referred to as a "eurocentric" point of view. He spends a lot of time writing about the history of Columbus, early attempts at European "settlement" in America, slavery, and several other instances where textbooks have chosen to look at history from strictly a European perspective. Lowen argues that instead of focusing on a discussion of "us" versus "them", we must acknowledge that there are several different cultures and ethnicities that have come to create what we know as American culture, all of which have had a significant impact on our national identity. He is very critical of textbooks attempt to idolize prominent figures in... read more

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