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Success leaves clues and no one is born smart. In Howard Gardner's book, Multiple Intelligence, he points out that we are "intelligent" in 8 different areas of specialty and we can learn to be "smart." So, let's get started with Step #1: Pay attention in class more by sitting on the front row! I realize this is fundamental, but, we must start here. Based on research, the student that sits in the front row tends to learn and retain more information than the student that sits in the back. The farther that one sit from instruction, the less he/she will retain. "A" students sit on the front row, front-center, preferably. If your teacher assign seats, then, ask him/her to change your seating assignment, as close to the front as possible. By sitting on the front row - one, you're closer to instruction for better hearing and sight, and two, less distraction from others moving & twitching in front of you - your focus is much better and you can pay...

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