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Students should have copies of previous homework assignments, examinations, and class notes for the tutor to review. Students should also be advised that the tutor must know the weaknesses and strengths of the student to be most helpful. Students do not merely have the right to ask questions of the tutor; they are obligated to do so. Students must also tell the tutor when they are not "getting... read more


Let the amount of Kenyan coffee be "K" and the amount of Venezuelan coffee be "V." The K + V = 288, or K = 288 - V.   The cost of the Kenyan coffee will be 11K and the cost of the Venezuelan coffee will be 14 V. The sum of these costs will be 12(288), or                                          ...


Shawn may have misinterpretted the first term. It is sqrt(3X), not sqrt(3) x X. Therefore, sqrt(3X) + 6 = X               now subtract 6 from each side sqrt(3X) = X - 6               ...