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Effective 10 March, 2012 All cancellation notices must be made by telephone, not email or text. You must leave a voice mail if I am not immediately available to answer your call. I will respond by both telephone and WyzAnt email. My cancellation policy is as follows: Greater than 24 hours until appointment: No charge, thank you for your courtesy! 4-24 hours until appointment: Charged for one half-hour (0.5) at agreed upon rate. Less than 4 hours to appointment: Charged for one hour (1.0) at agreed upon rate. There is no charge to reschedule an appointment within the same week, if available. I will sincerely attempt to accommodate rescheduling requests. A rescheduled appointment is subject to the above cancellation policy. Take care, take charge, make it a positive day! Esteban G.

This blog is a note of awareness on something about which I feel very passionate. At every school in which I have worked, inevitably there would be several students who were victims of a very specific type of financial aid deception. I hesitate to say “scam”, but that is how many of these students felt. Here it is. The first step most college financial aid officers have you complete is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. This single online application checks your eligibility for federal education loan and grant programs. The link to the FAFSA website is: Note the .gov domain ending. That is how you know you are at the legitimate government site. Unfortunately, many students will unintentionally go to thinking they are going to the official application. Note the .com domain ending, indicating a commercial site. This website charges students between $80 and $300 to complete a FREE application! While the company is legitimate... read more

Have you seen the online ads touting "Free Money for College," or "Get a Grant to pay for School,"? I certainly have, you probably have too. Clicking the ad usually leads you to sign up for a college-matching service which then fills your email with spam and you with frustration. The options for scholarship sources are numerous, with over 16,000,000 results from a generic web search. Where do you start? The internet has made the process both more accessible and more confusing. All of the applications, requirements, deadlines, and follow-up can quickly become overwhelming. I can help you. There are generally three types of scholarship seekers that I have identified in my years of college advising. The first is usually a family member with good intentions, searching scholarships on behalf of the student. They may even complete applications on behalf of the student, perhaps because of a busy schedule or even lack of motivation on the part of the student to apply... read more