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Recently, I've noticed other tutors asking questions about raising rates and client retention.  Professional tutors learn how to provide this educational service and negotiate payment for services rendered.  This website is great for providing leads and helping a new tutor get started.  Attaining a level of education and specific tutor training will help beginners become effective professionals, not simply peer tutors with high GPAs.  Successfully tutoring others who achieve high marks on writing assignments and exams takes preparation and time.  This job requires more than just one hour with a student.   When I first started tutoring I did not calculate all of my travel expenses, including my time, into my hourly rate. As I quickly gained experience, I began to realize that my clients appreciate and value my willingness to drive to their homes once or twice a week.  Then gas prices began to slowly rise and I had another epiphany.  My... read more

Essay writing can be challenging for young writers.  I have written hundreds of essays.  It's always been a pleasure to receive a grade of A on an essay; however, it is even more enjoyable to receive a direct deposit for a winning scholarship essay!  Yes, it can make all the difference when funding your own education.  There are thousands of scholarship opportunities and most of them require a well written essay submission.   Have you ever been given a writing assignment that requires referencing a dozen different documents?  Are you learning to organize your writing?  Is it overwhelming when you are asked to complete a lengthy essay or report that includes more than just 5 or 6 references?  Do you want to apply for scholarships but you don't know how to write a winning essay?  To write any type of essay, my first tip is to take a step back, re-read the assignment criteria and/or rubric, and ask yourself a few questions.     1... read more

One summer I was ambitious and signed up for a condensed Anatomy & Physiology II course.  Having just completed Anatomy & Physiology I and Microbiology during the spring semester, I thought just taking one college course over the summer would be a piece of cake.  How wrong I was!  Learning the major systems of the human body in a full 16 week semester can be challenging for most students.  Fortunately, our professor believed in assigning essay styled lab reports.  Writing about new and more complex topics is challenging!   A few weeks into the condensed summer session I realized I would not achieve the A I wanted in A & P II without a full commitment to spend every waking moment studying.  My professor made it clear to the class that he was not going to grade us any easier just because we chose to take the 'short course.'  I vividly recall him announcing during lecture that the endocrine system was probably the toughest... read more

My first grade student blew me away today. He not only read the word, 'interesting,' all by himself -- but he also knew exactly how many syllables it has!  After a full year tutoring, we have a great connection and each weekly session has its surprises.  I find I learn from my students, just as they learn from me.  Age does not seem to matter, each individual has his or her own personality and interests.   We read a book about bats today.  With terms like hibernation and echolocation, it was inevitable that we discussed a few definitions during the reading.  First graders can be quite inquisitive, and we were pressed for time.  So, I continued reading and before we finished, I learned something I did not know.  Of course, I knew the early American settlers once lived in 'colonies.'  Somehow, though, it never occurred to me that large groups of bats also live in colonies!  I also never thought about how the closeup photos in... read more

Now is a great time to pursue your dream.  Why not study what interests you?  It is never too late to make a decision to start a new career.  Perhaps you would like to start a new business?  Being an entrepreneur is great.  There has not been a better time for me to pursue higher education than in this season of life.  Returning to college to complete my education has been one of the best decisions I ever made.  Now, as I continue my education, I also encourage others as an educational mentor and ESL/ESOL writing consultant.   There are hundreds of ways to approach returning to college.  Of course, attending full time means completing a degree program quicker than if you attend part-time.  If you are working full-time and think part-time night classes are best at this stage of your life--take the plunge!  Dive into a new school and get busy pursuing your dream of a higher education.  Statistics don't lie. Those with... read more

Proofreading and editing one's own paper for a high school or college English course can be challenging. Sometimes one just needs a second pair of eyes. A tutor will often see the weaknesses in a writing assignment and point them out to a student. Like any teacher, making red marks on a student's paper doesn't necessarily help a student improve his or her writing skills. Working side by side, one-on-one with an English tutor will encourage you to take what you already know and apply it to your assignments. Writing is a skill that is necessary in all disciplines, not just the humanities. Science majors must write well to explain laboratory experiments and correctly compose reports. Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, and Chemistry courses in college will require one to write either lab reports or essays, and possibly both. Pre-med students need writing skills just as much as pre-law students. Whatever the discipline, being able to properly convey your ideas, thoughts, data,... read more

I am a native English speaking tutor with UCF writing center and multilingual multicultural center work experience.  Originally from Orlando, I have lived in Central Florida for most of my life.  Not only do I know the area, I have varied work experience and a background which enables me to tutor all ages.  My youngest student was a kindergartener and my oldest student was a lawyer from Russia.  I love meeting new people and learning about other cultures.  I traveled extensively during middle and high school years because my father worked for a major airline at the Orlando International Airport.  My relatives are scattered across the United States and Europe.  German is my second language, although I did not learn German until I was in high school.  If you are interested in improving your writing skills, please review my public profile on this website.  If you have any questions, please drop me a line in my Inbox through the convenient... read more

It's back to school time!  That means it is time to begin scheduling your weekly tutoring appointments now, before the time slots are full!  Please contact me at your earliest convenience for a reserved time slot for the Fall semester. Have a great day!

Has your son or daughter failed and lost confidence in his/her ability to succeed in school? Hiring a tutor is an important decision. Providing your child with the opportunity for individual one-to-one learning assistance is vital to a young student's success. Re-building confidence is part of a tutor's job. If your child is in need of a patient, encouraging, and caring tutor--please review my profile. My experience working with elementary aged students is varied--from Kindergarten through the fifth grade. Summer is a great time to review skills and to improve vocabulary for any young reader. If I can be of assistance, please contact me today!

If you are in the preliminary stage working toward applying for a nursing program, I would love to meet you! I know it is hard work taking the courses you are studying and completing all requirements needed to make your application. Since 2010 I've studied biology, chemistry, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, in depth. These are not the easiest subjects to learn, especially if you are returning to college after taking time off to raise a family or pursue a career path in a different field. As a non-traditional student, I spent many late nights in Denny's drinking my vanilla lattes while reviewing difficult concepts in chemistry, anatomy and physiology. I returned to college after decades of being out of school. With my laptop and Pearson's Anatomy & Physiology, Mastering Chemistry and Cengage OWL's online chemistry resources those long nights at Denny's paid off. I began to grasp concepts that were foreign to me through the use of many computer programs, even when it was... read more

I'm so excited to share with you my experience tutoring a young man. He is just 5 years of age and entered kindergarten in August 2012. Being a lefty posed him a huge problem when he began his handwriting lessons in class. That's when his mom found me on this website! I am blessed to be her son's private tutor and look forward to working with him each week. We began focusing on this bright boy's handwriting skills in the first few sessions. We quickly realized that in order to get him up to speed with his class, he would need two sessions per week with me. My happy little tutee has quite a personality, and although I thought I was teaching him, he has also provided me with a lesson or two. My tutoring this child has broadened from just handwriting to phonics, reading, spelling, math, writing (composing) and art! I am a creative tutor and incorporate whatever means I feel is needed into my sessions. When he became bored with handwriting we started a book together. His imagination... read more

As a tutor, I am thoroughly enjoying this website and the students I work with referred from this site. I am delighted that WyzAnt is requesting tutors to beta-test a new tutoring tool. I hope to begin doing so very soon!

Most online classes require a minimum of one proctored examination. With the increased risk of academic dishonesty, some instructors and professors require multiple proctored exams. I recently completed a 100% online Introduction to Oceanography course. The professor (of Florida Institute of Technology and BCC) required three proctored exams for the course. These tests included two mid-terms and one final exam, all three requiring an essay worth 30-50% of the exam. Unknown topics always cause anxiety, especially when it is a timed, closed book, no notes--proctored online exam. As I took my final exam yesterday, I was confident until I looked at the list of essay topics I had the opportunity to choose from. Out of the five, one topic seemed to be most familiar to me--Hydrothermal Vent Communities. I was grateful that I might know enough to actually write a complete essay on the topic. I was sure I would not do well enough with any of the other four topics to have passed this exam (essay... read more

I thoroughly enjoy tutoring subjects that appear in bold print on my profile. As time permits, I will be adding the subjects which are not bolded. As a student or parent seeking a qualified or certified tutor, look for the bold subjects listed on tutor profiles. The non-bolded subjects are those which the tutor is interested in completing the certification exams. During my winter break from college, I hope to add biology, chemistry and microbiology to my bolded list of certified subjects.

Every parent would like their child to be excited about reading. Children learn through repetition and will often ask a parent to read a favorite bedtime story again. Being a parent can be exhausting, exhilarating and rewarding. Witnessing a child's first attempt to read can be excruciatingly difficult. As parents, we instinctively want to assist our children with everything they do. We read to them for a long time before they begin to read for themselves. Being patient and willing to re-read a favorite story to a child may provide the young reader with the atmosphere needed for learning. Being patient with young children is challenging at times. Preschoolers, kindergarten aged children and elementary students all require massive amounts of attention and patience. Most parents know whether or not they have the patience to provide an atmosphere for learning. Parents that are uncertain about this can test themselves and analyze the environment. Is the child encouraged to read by... read more

I find the Wyzant website to be very beneficial to students and tutors. It is well organized and provides the structure needed for tutors to focus on their students. I also like the fact that the website can take credit cards, whereas, I am not setup for that. I much prefer to use a computer program to keep track of lesson plans, reviews and student information. It is also nice that the contact information is not relayed to prospective students until they are set up on the website. It is efficiently run and I find the customer service staff to be quite responsive and encouraging whenever I have a question or a need.

Hi! I'm in the process of becoming certified in science and math subjects. As I continue adding certifications, please check back if there is a subject on my list that is not in bold type right now and you are looking for assistance. Bold type means I am certified to help you with that subject. The process takes a few days for the website to update after I've completed my examinations. Right now, I'm most interested in taking on new students that require some assistance with writing skills. I am very interested in those of you that are working toward higher education and English is not your native language. I do have experience in this area and can be a great resource for high school and undergraduates with research papers, essays and presentations. My strengths working with adults: proofreading research papers, reports and essays, providing feedback regarding content and proper essay form, powerpoint presentations for speech or other college classes along with some creative... read more

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