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RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It gives you option to subscribe to a website’s content and be notified when that content is updated or new content becomes available via a feed reader. Adding RSS feeds to your WordPress blog can be easily done by following only a few simple steps. Why use RSS on your site? The most common reason website users like having a feed reader is so they can get a list of updates for their favorite sites in one place, instead of having to manually browse each one, by one looking to see if anything is new or has been updated. The most common types of sites that benefit from RSS are blogs and news sources where content generally changes at various stretches of time. Now, to get started adding RSS to your blog follow the steps below: Please note that these instructions to refer the self hosted version of WordPress 3.5.x. For users, please refer to their RSS widget instructions to setup an RSS feed on your blog. 1. In your... read more

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