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A major problem for many students is the ability to finish a long-term project on time without waiting until the last minute. A helpful technique involves using a calendar and setting up deadline dates for oneself as soon as the project is assigned. Parents can also be helpful in this process. For instance, if a book is assigned and the student has 3 weeks to read the book and write a review, the calendar might read as follows: Assigned on January 12, 2012--350 page book and writing assignment, Due Feb. 2, 2012 Divide the number of pages by the time needed for reading, allowing days afterward for writing report) By January 15--Read pages 1-69 ______ (check off as completed) By January 18--Read pages70-139 ______ By January 21--Read pages 140-209 ______ By January 24--Read pages 210-279 ______ By January 27--Read pages 280-350 ______ (Reading completed) By January 29--First Half of Report ______ By January 31--Second Half of Report ______ By February... read more

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