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I've noticed that many students in the middle grades could practice some better organization skills. You may have noticed it may take them several minutes to find a pencil and blank sheet of paper from their backpack which can be a problem when it's important to use those minutes in the classroom for learning instead. The following contains some of my thoughts for organization: - Keeping all papers in date-order: either the new things always go behind or the new things always go on top. - Put a date and title on the top of each paper before starting the assignment so that it can be found later. - The less papers that there are in the binder/backpack, the easier it is to be organized. - Take out the things from previous units, stapling each unit and keeping them in a box or something at home. - It seems like it's something they mostly need to do when their on their own by their own choice. - When the student puts something away in his bag, instead of hurrying,... read more

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