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When practicing the GRE sentence completion portion of the GRE, look at the sentence and read it through before selecting answers. There are always hints within a sentence that can steer you to an answer for each of the blanks. For instance, you look at moods and descriptive words that can serve as mile markers within the framework of the sentence. For example, The pompous student's lack of regard for directions became more _________________ after the professor cited him for circling rather than underlying the answers. When looking at this sentence clues to the answer should become abundantly clear. The word pompous tells us the student exhibits an arrogant attitude. Furthermore we see that this student lacks regard for directions, which should also be a mile marker. An adjective to describe our prediction for became more ________ after the professor cited him. The word I would suggest would be evident or clear. Once you establish a prediction, look at the five possible answers... read more

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