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1. Buy the best supplies you can and get organized by labeling notebooks and organizing backpack. 2. Every day, on a clean sheet of paper, put the date before class begins. Even if you don't take notes that day, write down what you did that day journal-style. 3. For math, they always give an example of any new concept in the book with the answer following it. Try to work the example without looking at the answer. In your notebook, have an example of each new concept in a separate section! Great reference! In the same section of Reference, define ANY terminology used such as "perpendicular." When it is time for a test, you should have a quick reference section!

Tips to Simplify Fractions! I love this! This is from my 5th grade teacher! Suppose you end up with a fraction such as 981/432. Can this be simplified? Here are the tips: If the number is even, 2 is a factor. (You knew this one!) If the number ends in 0 or 5, then 5 is a factor. If it ends in just 0 but not 5, then 10 is a factor. If the DIGITS in the number ADD UP to a number that 3 is a factor of, then 3 is a factor! If the DIGITS in the number ADD UP to a number that is divisible by 9, then 9 is a factor! So above you have 981/432. Add 9+8+1 and you get 18. Now add 1 + 8 if you need to! That number is EVEN, so 2 is a factor, but even better, the digits add up to a number that is divisible by NINE (also 3) so you can divide 9 into it and save A LOT of time! It is really a cute trick. Why does it work? No one knows! Now try the denominator in the sample: 432: 4+3+2=9. Again, you can divide this number by 9!

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