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The task here is to take three points and fit them to a parabola. Fortunately three points is all that we require!   (a) The points here are (0,0), (2,1), and (3,0). Since the first and third points are on the x-axis, the best angle here is to start with the factored form.   y...


It comes up in nearly every single math class. Somebody will ask their algebra teacher, in the throes of a lecture on solving quadratic equations or graphing lines, "when will I ever use this?" or "I'm going to be a [fill in the blank]--how will knowing this stuff help me?" I have a friend, recently departed from this life, who taught mathematics at a community college... read more


Summer time! The season of fireworks, swimming, hamburgers on the grill!  One of my favorite scenes in the Pixar movie The Incredibles is when our favorite family of supers is about to land on the highway in a rocket-borne RV while still moving forward at sonic speed.  To ease the transition from air to ground, Bob Parr floors the gas pedal so the wheels will be already spinning... read more